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The Natural Healing Process

Whether you are doing acupuncture, acupressure, herbal and nutritional therapy or Qi gong exercises, the idea is to jump start your system and guide it in the right direction for optimal, balanced health. All of these modalities act as a catalyst to initiate your own bodily functions and healing processes.

Many people want to skip this healing process because there are pharmaceutical drugs that will have an instantaneous effect on the body. The only downside is the potential side effects that go along with it, (and that stronger medications may be needed the next time the illness shows up). The effects of Chinese medicine are generally not as instantaneous. However, symptoms are relieved with the added benefit that the underlying condition that caused the illness or injury has also been treated.

The questions most people ask is "How many treatments do I need?" or "How long do I need to do this?" Usually after a thorough consultation and a review of past medical diagnosis, a treatment plan will be much clearer.

Acute injuries without structural damage generally respond quickly, within one to three treatments. Chronic conditions, either musculoskeletal or internal (such as asthma), can expect significant relief of symptoms within one to five visits but may take longer to work on the underlying health concerns. A typical course of treatment for chronic conditions is 6-12 visits. How frequently you come in for a treatment (once or twice a week) depends upon the severity of your symptoms and the degree of disruption in your everyday activities.

Your body must eventually do its own healing for long-term results. Chinese medicine can speed up this healing process. As your condition improves, you’ll see that your investment of time and energy into your lifestyle does make a difference.

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