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Chinese Nutrition: Healing with Food

Food therapy is based largely on Chinese herbal medicine. Like herbs, foods have been traditionally categorized by the energy they have and the reactions they cause when eaten. Chinese Nutrition is not so dependant on the “four food groups”. Rather, it is more about understanding the individual’s constitution and recommending foods that will help him/her become more balanced energetically.

Here are the five energies of food and examples of each.
  • Hot
  • pepper, ginger, garlic...
  • Warm
  • coffee, vinegar, chicken...
  • Cold
  • banana, tofu, yogurt...
  • Cool
  • mint, strawberry, wheat...
  • Neutral
  • rice, potato, raspberry...

    Foods flavor qualities are also linked by their effect on specific different organ systems.

    Here are the five flavors in food that affect your internal organs.

  • Pungent
  • (ginger, peppermint) lungs and large intestine
  • Sweet
  • (honey, watermelon) stomach and spleen
  • Sour
  • (lemons, plums) liver and gall bladder
  • Bitter
  • (coffee, vinegar) heart and small intestine
  • Salty
  • (barley, seaweed) kidneys, bladder

    Specific foods can be recommended according to your condition and underlying health. Selecting the proper food becomes an important part of self-care and preventative care.

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